(Photo by Sue Schimandle)

Barbara has lived in Arroyo Grande for almost 30 years. Her background is in law enforcement with 23 years for the Santa Barbara County Probation Department as a Probation Officer and Supervisor.

Her experience in county government includes budget proposals, strategic planning, policy development, grant implementation and oversight, process improvements, enforcement of state laws and working directly with the public.

Barbara’s goal is to serve the citizens of Arroyo Grande. In December 2013, she was appointed to the Architectural Review Committee. In February 2014, she completed the County Citizen Planning Academy.

She is a member of the Bridge Street Bridge Committee and the Arroyo Grande/Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce. She is an avid bicyclist.

Barbara and her husband, Marcus, have been married for 25 years and reside in the village of Arroyo Grande.

Barbara is running for City Council to bring a NEW PERSPECTIVE that will:

  •  Promote the growth and prosperity of local businesses and promote head of household jobs.
  •  Protect our City’s unique historical culture and charm and keep our City safe.
  •  Question regulations and ordinances that create new fees, assessments or raise taxes.

Arroyo Grande deserves a City Council member who they can trust and who will listen to community concerns and needs. Barbara is that person. She will have an open door policy because she wants to hear from her community.

Please join Barbara and help bring a new perspective to Arroyo Grande City Council!